BAIQ Certificate in Enterprise Business Analysis (Syllabus Overview)

Candidate Profile

Business analysis offers a range of skills and techniques that are invaluable to anyone working in a managerial capacity. This certification will benefit business analysts and business managers to analyse business issues and identify potential solutions.

Certificate coverage

Introduction to business analysis

  • Origins and drivers for business analysis
  • The role and activities of the business analyst
  • The importance of a holistic approach
  • The POPIT™ model for business analysis
  • The Business Analysis Maturity Model

A systemic approach to business analysis

  • Framework for conducting pre-project business analysis
  • Overview of business analysis techniques

Business strategy analysis

  • The strategic context for business analysis
  • SWOT analysis: rationale and approach
  • Identifying external opportunities and threats
  • Identifying internal strengths and weaknesses
  • CSFs and KPIs defined
  • The relationships between CSFs, KPIs and targets

Root cause analysis

  • Business analysis assignments
  • Terms of reference using OSCAR
  • Pre-project analysis
  • Investigating and analysing business work systems
  • Approaches to documenting and representing business work systems

Stakeholder analysis

  • Definition of a stakeholder
  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Assessing the significance of stakeholders to the project
  • Analysing stakeholder roles and perspectives
  • Business use case modelling
  • Reconciling perspectives

Gap analysis

  • The purpose of gap analysis
  • Gap analysis using the POPIT™ model
  • Analysing business events and process changes
  • Analysing the impact of business rules

Feasibility analysis

  • The importance of assessing feasibility
  • Categories of feasibility
  • The business case as an evolving and governing artefact
  • Force-field analysis
  • Analysing options