BAIQ Certificate in Business Requirements Analysis (Syllabus Overview)

Candidate profile

This certification will benefit anyone involved in the elicitation, analysis and definition of requirements that are the basis for changes to business process and systems.

Certificate coverage

Introduction to requirements

  • Origins and rationale for requirements engineering
  • Definition of a ‘requirement’
  • Characteristics of business requirements
  • The hierarchy of requirements
  • Problems with requirements
  • A framework for requirements engineering

Planning for business requirements analysis

  • Internal factors: standards; delivery lifecycles; opportunities and constraints
  • External factors: customer expectations; competitor activity; regulatory change

Stakeholders in business requirements analysis

  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Understanding stakeholder roles and responsibilities
  • Defining user roles

Investigating business needs

  • Techniques: interviews; workshops; focus groups; observation; document analysis; surveys; scenario analysis
  • Investigation considerations: tacit knowledge; learning styles; group formation

Analysing requirements

  • Organising requirements
  • Resolving interdependencies and conflicts between requirements
  • Prioritising requirements
  • Ensuring testability and traceability of requirements

Recording requirements

  • Selecting the requirements approach: linear or agile environments; the business requirements document
  • Writing effective requirements
  • Modelling requirements: class models; activity diagrams
  • Modelling requirements: business and system use cases
  • Cataloguing requirements
  • Developing epics and user stories
  • Visualising requirements: wireframes and prototypes

Reviewing requirements

  • The rationale for reviewing requirements
  • Quality review approaches
  • Review considerations: enterprise architecture; governance; business drivers

Managing requirements

  • Baselining requirements
  • Controlling requirements
  • Analysing the impacts of changes to requirements