BAIQ Certificate in Business Process Improvement (Syllabus Overview)

Candidate profile

This certification will benefit anyone involved in modelling, analysing and improving business processes.

Certificate coverage

Introduction to business process improvement

  • Rationale for business process modelling
  • Strategic context for business process modelling
  • Process performance variables
  • The hierarchy of business processes

Modelling the organisational view

  • The functional view of an organisation
  • The process view of an organisation
  • The value chain
  • Modelling the organisational context
  • Identifying actors
  • Context diagrams

Modelling the business process view

  • The SIPOC model
  • Identifying business events
  • Modelling techniques: Flow charts; UML activity diagrams; swimlane diagrams; task models
  • Process modelling standards: Six Sigma; BPMN

Improving business processes

  • Analysing the current process
  • Analysing performance
  • Approaches to process redesign

Implementing business process change

  • The target state business process
  • Analysing the impact of the new business process: POPIT; McKinsey 7-S model
  • Challenges of implementing revised business processes

Measuring performance

  • CSFs and KPIs
  • Customer performance expectations
  • Quality management