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PROMS-G 2016 - Decision-Making in Business

Date - 13th April 2016

AssistKD's Debra Paul presented at the BCS Proms-G Spring School 2016 on decision-making in business.

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Conflict Management and Facilitation in Projects - A Human Touch

Date - 13th April 2015

AssistKD's Debra Paul discussed the need to think about the person not the job title and suggests some frameworks and techniques that can help us work successfully with the people we encounter in our professional lives.

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Business Analysis Techniques ... and how to survive them.

AssistKD’s James Cadle reviews the often-bewildering range of techniques that are available to the business analyst and suggests some ways of whittling them down into a practical and usable toolkit.

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Evaluating the Maturity of a Business Analysis Practice

In this talk, originally delivered at the BA Manager Forum, AssistKD’s James Cadle presents an approach to assessing the maturity of an organisation’s business analysis practice.

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Selling Business Analysis Internally

Many business analysts complain that their organisation doesn’t understand them and the benefits they can offer.  In this presentation, AssistKD’s James Cadle suggests that BAs need to raise their profile and sell themselves more effectively to the internal business stakeholders.

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Where Have all the Systems Analysts Gone?

The job title ‘systems analyst’ has all but disappeared from most organisations but the important work of this role has not gone away.  AssistKD’s James Cadle asks where this work has gone and what are the implications for the work of business analysts?

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