Business Analysis International Qualifications (BAIQ) is a competency based certification scheme that provides a holistic development pathway for business or IT professionals who wish to build their business analysis skillset. The scheme is relevant to anyone requiring an understanding of business analysis whether performing a business role, working as a business analyst or embarking upon a business analysis career.

Our Credentials:
Over the past 20 years the development of business analysis (BA) has been a worldwide phenomenon.

One of the driving forces behind the advancement of BA practice in Europe has been AssistKD, a leading professional development company specialising in business analysis.

Long acknowledged as thought-leaders in the BA world, AssistKD has now joined forces with Australian examinations distributor GCI and UK based examination authors, Xamine, to create Business Analysis International Qualifications (BAIQ). BAIQ’s mission is to offer the BA Community a contemporary and practical certification scheme and its credentials come from 30 years’ experience of defining, developing and writing professional certifications, and designing and delivering training programmes for companies and individuals.

These credentials are underpinned by authorship of the best-selling BA books ‘Business Analysis’, 'Business Analysis Techniques’, ‘The Human Touch’ and ‘Developing Information Systems’. The team behind BAIQ are also creators of The Business Analysis Maturity Model (BAMM), publishers of the BA Newsletter, Analysts Anonymous, and founding sponsors of both the Business Analysis Conference Europe and The BA Manager Forum.

Get certified now

It is now possible to take the examination leading to the BAIQ Introductory Certificate in Business Analysis through the Global Certification Institute (GCI). GCI has a worldwide reputation for providing the highest quality certification and examination services in a diversity of international standards and best practice frameworks in the broader business and Information Technology domains.

Other examinations in the BAIQ set will become available shortly.

The examinations may be taken either online or in a 'classroom' environment.

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BAIQ launches new business analysis certification scheme!

On 11th July 2016, Business Analysis International Qualifications ( launched a new business analysis certification scheme, offering business analysts a complete certification career path from an Introductory Level to Master Level, with intermediate levels of Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner.

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BAIQ Press Office